August 15

What To Do At That Time Of The Month

A topic I speak to all my female clients about extensively around their nutrition, training and fat loss goals.
If it’s that time of the month for you and you are away
going swimming,
to a spa etc
these might be of interest to you.
WUKA Perform™️ Swim Bikini Briefs are the perfect period protection.
They are perfect for your light flow days when you want some water fun but not suitable for your heavy flow days.
The outer fabric is water repellent
So thin you can wear under your favourite swimwear too.
Holds 10ml of period flow or light leaks – around 2 small tampons’ worth. ( not that we encourage tampons )
High leg cut means you can wear it underneath any other swimwear of your choice.
Cold wash and dry.
I hope this is of use.

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