How Burnt Out Mums Can Reclaim Their Energy, Health & Confidence, Drop 10-30 Lbs, Whilst Still Having Plenty Of Time For The Kids

To find out how we can help you regain your health, whilst losing unwanted body fat, book in a free strategy call.

What Makes Us Different?

Knowledgeable & Experienced

Be mentored by our knowledge & experienced experts. Who will hold your hand through every step of your health and fitness journey, providing unrivalled support & accountability.

Break the Constant Yo-Yo Cycle

We will guide you on finding what works for you and your lifestyle through our successful principles to achieve the results you’ve always dreamed of.

Find Clarity

We will help you gain focus and control. Sharing how to implement holistic healthy habits and daily disciplines to miraculously transform your mind and body.

Your Journey to Optimize Your Health and Build the Body of Your Dreams

Book a Call

Book a 15 minute no obligation strategy call for us to find out exactly about you, your current frustrations and what you want to achieve.

Create a Plan

We discuss the best solutions on how you can gain optimal health and wellbeing. We go beyond the surface level to find out about the real you, your struggles, your desire and your goals.

Follow Your Personalised Programme

Learning how to balance your energy levels, understanding the impact of nutrition, sleep, self care, whilst feeling stronger and more confident.

Get Results!

Look and feel amazing by reaching the long term results you’ve always dreamed of but didn’t think were possible with the guidance and support of us by your side.

Featured on BBC News

How Lee Heard a busy local entrepreneur lost 5 stone and reversed type 2 diabetes.

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Health, Fitness and Wellbeing?

To find out how we can help you regain your health, whilst losing unwanted body fat, book in a free strategy call.

Success Stories

Fiona Arnald

"I Have Lost 16LB and Over 16 Inches, 6 Inches From Just My Waist!"

“Where can I start? There is only so many platitudes one can heap on such an outstanding couple... Amazing, interested, knowledgeable are a few of the compliments I can give to James & Jaclyn. I have just completed my first 12 week Reboot programme, I have lost 16lb and over 16 inches, 6 inches from just my waist! Their continued support & guidance is exceptional. Thank you both, you have changed not only my way of thinking about food & nutrition, but how I feel about myself & my body...for that I will be forever grateful, mindful & positive. xx”

Lianne Wilson

“I Just Needed a Massive Nudge in the Right Direction”

I’m a mum of two little ones and had been trying to shed the baby weight for a few months on my own. In the early months and as a breastfeeding mum I was exhausted and functioning on 3-4 hours sleep a night for the last two years so when I was awake I ate whatever I could find and always treated myself to lots of coffee and even more cake as a reward for keeping the babies in one piece ...but soon noticed the pounds adding on. read more...

I contacted numerous Personal Trainers in the area but the one thing that stuck out for me when I contacted James at MBD was that he responded quickly, had an infectious positivity around his approach to health and fitness and the reviews really spoke for themselves! So I signed up!

I decided to put me first for two hours a week and didn’t feel too guilty about it. I thought I might shed a few pounds but I lost 14 of them in fact, reduced my body fat percentage and seen my body slowly take shape again.

The most appealing thing about the 12 week programme is that it had an end date with goals in sight. It wasn’t another fad that I blindly followed without an achievable target! I have to be the first to admit it but I didn’t eat well all of the time but I had the tools from James to make the right choices now going forward and I approach things differently. I have my mojo back again for exercising and don’t see it as a chore but as a time out to spend on me and know I’ll feel fab at the end of it (and probably very sore !)

I’ll be doing it all over again in September and have different goals I want to achieve and looking forward to it!

Alongside the nutritional advice and 2 sessions per week, I have access to a fountain of information that James and Jaclyn have posted on the MBD Facebook page, it’s great to hear 2 very passionate people talk about something that might influence you and your family.

I just needed a massive nudge in the right direction and to be accountable to someone else to turn up to training sessions but it’s the little things that have made all the difference! If that sounds like you then I’d get in contact with James!"

Lucy Blackwell

“I Think It Has Saved My Life”

"I couldn't have changed my life without James and Jaclyn's advice and encouragement. They're fabulous. I think it has saved my life. And my whole family is embracing this lifestyle."

Finally Gain Focus and Control Over Your Health and Fitness

To find out how we can help you regain your health, whilst losing unwanted body fat, book in a free strategy call.

Are you feed up of feeling sluggish and frustrated with your health, whilst trying every diet out there and not seeing results? Either by regularly binge eating and then depriving yourself or eating so little that you have no energy and feel miserable.

Do you have low self esteem and now want the answers to make the positive life changes you’ve always wanted but overwhelmed what works for you? Have you struggled to work with other coaches who are at a loss to know why you aren’t getting the results you desire?

Jaclyn knows how you feel. She was in a high-pressured corporate job and was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired with an autoimmune condition, so she decided to find the solution. We’ve created The MBD Method to optimise clients health, melt body fat and learn how to remain in the best shape of their lives.

Benefits of Working With Us

Our unique holistic approach to wellbeing, fitness and mindset has helped hundreds of busy, stressed women reclaim their health whilst transforming both their mind and bodies. They become health role models, passing their new found knowledge to family and loved ones.

We go to tremendous depths to understand you by analysing your health, medications, how you are fuelling your body, current movements, mental health and so much more. Once we have that fundamental information, we educate you on the most effective ways to help you create more time and self care for you, sleep better, become stronger, drop body fat whilst optimising your health.

We are wellbeing detectives. We have various testing available, including our unrivalled bio resonance machine, of which there are only a handful in the country.

We understand that you have been bottom of the pecking order. Raising a family, running a home and possibly working as well has left you feeling exhausted. How are you expected to be able to focus time for you?

At Mind and Body Detox we have Coached hundreds of women and guided them on how to structure a sustainable lifestyle that includes optimising their health and wellbeing through our nutrition, movement and mindset principles whilst also helping you to become health role models to your children and other family members.

Our Method

The MBD method is unique. We believe there isn’t another wellness company that offers the services we do between us, in the Country. Our programme was created on the back of Jaclyn’s poor health as a burnt out Accountant and her quest to find the solution.

Our Coaching principles will enable you to feel the best you’ve ever felt.
Gaining boundless energy, dropping unwanted body fat, a significant shift in mindset and feeling super confident.

Our main pillars of success are based on the principles of holistic health, nutrition, fitness, mindset and unrivalled accountability. Either through our in person coaching ( 1-2-1 and 4 person training ) or our online programme which has seen us transform hundreds of women’s lives Worldwide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a diet I have to follow?

Nutrition is never a one size fits all approach. There are no quick fixes with us.

Once we have discussed your goals, an in-depth consultation form completed, a greater understanding of your current lifestyle and habits, we will then educate you on how you can modify and make better choices.

Where do I workout

We have various options available. If you are training with James either 1-2-1 or in a small group format, it is in our private Gym in Dunmow. If you are working with us online you can do that from the comfort of your home.

We also create programmes if you are a member of a gym too.

How long will we work together

Depending on the goal we have a wide variety of options from a 1-2-1 session with Jaclyn, to initially an 8 or 12 week programme with James.

We evaluate each client individually and make personalised recommendations.

Will I be left to get on with the programme?

Accountability is one of our strongest skillsets. We educate and empower you and you will have unrivalled support throughout your programme.

How much is it?

We have an array of services we offer clients dependent upon their health and goals. It’s a bit like going to a restaurant and asking how much the meal you are having will be. Without detailing, if you are having a starter, main, dessert, alcohol etc. Our programmes are personalised to your requirements and we will advise the most suitable option.


How can I apply

Simply complete this short form and we will be in contact to arrange a strategy call and advise what the best solutions are to help you reach the goals you desire.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Body and Mind?

To find out how we can help you regain your health, whilst losing unwanted body fat, book in a free strategy call.

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