October 13

Weekend Habits Ruining Your Health?

There are many reasons why you might feel your health isn’t where it should be and or you’re struggling to lose unwanted body fat.
One issue is that many people over restrict in the week, but significantly overdo it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

This is of course doesn’t mean like living as a monk, not socialising with friends or family, but creating a balance.
It might be that you have might have more time on your hands compared to the week and end up wasting the weekend doing very little
Getting adequate rest and recovery is vital. But do you end up not doing much and then struggle to get to sleep?
You become less mindful of the food you consume with takeaways and snacks in general and it becomes a free for all.
Your out most weekends, late night affect your sleep and therefore less movement as you’ve lost your mojo.
Alcohol’s on tap and you feel awful the next 24-48 hours.
You dislike your job and anxiety kicks in of the thought of dreaded Monday back at work.
As always, it’s not about changing all of these at once, maybe one element.
Let me know what your main struggles are:
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