October 20

TOTM and Feeling Flat?

Whenever a client is being coached by us, we discuss at the length their cycle.
This gives us an insight into their current challenges they might be experiencing.
It can often be the case that because this has been happening every month for sometimes several decades, they’ve almost become immune to how they feel and just use the ‘get on with it approach’.

Dependant upon their current health, there might be some further challenges, such as PCOS, Endometriosis, fibroids, UTI’s etc
It’s important to note if your cycle is regular or not, how you are feeling leading up to,
during and after.
If you are training, to be aware that you might not be as able/strong compared to other phases in your cycle.
If this is this case to listen to your body and instead of a workout,
maybe a walk or some yoga instead.
Each women is different, so learn to listen to your own body.
If  you want to make some changes to your lifestyle and habits and is willing to invest time and effort, click the link below and we can schedule a call to see how this would work for you.

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