April 4

They Want You Fat

Anyone would think with the stat I shared that they want the nation to be overweight?

Profits before health springs to mind.

I can’t see that they’re trying to encourage the public and or manufacturers for that matter to live as healthy  as possible or create healthier products. In fact quite the opposite.

If you can show me a way that you think they’re trying, please let me know.

The BFI – (the British Food Industry ) spend £256 million promoting ready meals, chocolate and fizzy drinks per annum.  The BMJ – British Medical Journal states the spending on junk food advertising is nearly 30 times  what the Government spend on promoting healthy eating.

One third of primary school children are overweight or obese and it’s getting closer to 70% of adults that are overweight or obese. With the information I’ve stated, I can’t see how they’re trying to help?

Please check out this post with lots more horrendous stats





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