July 25

The Truth About Alcohol

I’m not to tell you to or not to drink alcohol. That’s none of my business.

What I can share with you that my clients, including some of them that were dependant on alcohol daily feel very different now, to how they did before I coached them.


Are a few drinks, every so often, likely to cause the illnesses I mentioned in the video. No.

What clients do share with me is that the following 24, sometimes 48 hours later they still notice an increased level of anxiety. Often they feel sluggish, less motivated to do anything, eat loads of ultra processed foods. Once again, once every so often isn’t likely to have any detrimental affect.

However, if this is more regular and fat loss is a goal. It’s the perpetual negative binge cycle that really starts to play havoc with their mental health.

Regularly drinking alcohol  can affect your sex life,

Sees an increase in domestic violence

affects sleep,  blood pressure,

memory loss,

negatively impacts the liver,

can leave you feeling depressed,

increase the chances of some cancers and dementia.

I hope this post has helped, share with family and friends.



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