March 13

Stop Making These 5 Common Mistakes

These are 5 of the most common mistakes I see and hear people are making on a daily basis.

These are absolutely draining your energy, leaving you feeling flat and stressed.

I’m not suggesting that they’re easy to change.

But by creating more intent and mindfulness we can adapt our behaviours. Please don’t mistake this for me suggesting I don’t make these mistakes myself. If and when I do find myself doing these, I try to alter my state asap.

For each topic below, I could have written a blog on their own merits. But here’s some thoughts to ponder.

  1. Aimlessly scrolling. Do you go to check your phone for an email or to look up one thing on social media, but then realise 30 minutes or an hour later you still haven’t checked what you set out to do? Globally the average person spends nearly 7 hours a day on their phone. How much of that do you think is productive? Often people scroll for the fear of missing out.  One simple amendment is to to turn off notifications. That way you will become far less distracted.


2. Procrastination is the enemy of success. Set yourself you smaller targets or goals. That way it will become more realistic and won’t feel like such a big challenge and you will therefore much likely get the desired outcome you want, by breaking it down into smaller chunks.


3. Being a perfectionist. Focus on the meaning rather than perfection. For example, there is never a perfect time to start a wellbeing journey. The amount of people say ”I want to but can’t because of x”.

If we continually have that mindset we will never, ever start something. A slow beginning will pick up momentum overtime and is far better than never starting at all.


4. Worrying about what you can’t control. How many times have you anxiously worried about a certain situation and it didn’t even arise? We waste so much time, concern. It’s draining and often to be forgotten. If something is constantly on your mind, create a journal, write it down. It’s then out of your head and you can review what you have written, take time to digest it and often realise it isn’t as bad as you envisaged.


5. Saying ‘YES’ to everyone. It can be challenging, but you have to set some boundaries. If you’re constantly saying yes to everyone you will have no time or energy for yourself. It could be the fear of being judged that is stopping you from saying no?

How do you feel when you’ve said yes to something, but really wanted to say no? Acknowledge that you can’t say yes to everything and please everyone. Practise saying the words no and identify what your boundaries are.

If you feel that you are doing these more regularly than you would like. Pick one that is waisting your time the greatest and reduce it per day/week.

Let me know which is causing you the most issues. Or if you need more guidance on a particular element that is causing you the greatest distraction.



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