September 19

Stop Feeding Your Kids Rubbish

We get it, as working parents of children aged 15 and 12, and running a business, trying to help educate and empower parents with knowledge for themselves and their families, it can feel overwhelming what to feed the children.

The average amount of UPF consumed by children is over 65%.

We have a worrying trend on children’s health being worse than ever, cases of Type 2 diabetes in children, which didn’t exist 20 years ago. High levels of UPF indicate higher risks of hypertension, obesity and even some cancers.

There isn’t just one factor at play here. Children on whole are playing less sport, eating greater levels of ultra processed foods, more sedentary are just 3 other issues.

As always, it’s not about changing everything at once.

If you are a parent, eating yourself and feeding UPF to your children every single day. For the first week can you reduce that to 4 times a week? If so, that’s a significant positive change.

Cooking fresh, nutrient foods doesn’t have to be time consuming. Take a stir fry for example.

Choose a good protein source, say prawns, throw in as much veg as you like and it can be done within 7-10 minutes. Quicker than a frozen pizza in the oven.

When the children are at primary school age, it’s easier to control what they are eating.
As they go into teenage years there might be tucks shops available for example
( I was a shocker for that one ) but didn’t know wany different.
Chomp bars for 10 p back in the day with god knows how much pick n mix, boiled sweets like cough candy and chocolate bars.
As parents we can help educate and empower them with knowledge. As a parent, if you don’t know much around the subject of nutrition, look to learn. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give your children IMO.
Here’s 5 things you can do to reduce the amount of UPF for you and your family:
1. Cook from scratch
2. Take a pack lunch to school/at work
3. Become food label savvy
4. snack on whole foods, rather than pre-packaged snacks
5. try to reduce the amount of fast/junk food.
If you want to make some changes to your lifestyle and habits and willing to invest time and effort, click the link below and we can schedule a call to see how this would work for you.

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