June 11

Overcoming 40 Years Of Yo-Yo Dieting

Depressed, in a big, black, dark hole, size 24 to feeling Energised,

Happy size 16.

Lyn, a working mum and often looking after the grandchildren knew she needed something different.

Yo’yo dieted for 40 years

Lyn sharing her journey below:

Felt depressed, in a dark hole, wearing a size 24 to feeling alive, confident and rocking a size 16 which she hasn’t done for 20 years 🤩

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She had reservations if it would work. ‘’I’ve done every diet going’’

‘’ I’ll start Monday’’ but Monday never comes.

She watched a client share a story that was as if ‘’ they’ve pinched my life’’

Realised she had no quality of life.

Credit to Lyn, she reached out and asked for help although she procrastinated several times before actually reaching out.

And boy, how glad she is, because she’s lost 44 pounds and counting, ( gained so much more life ) lost over 51 inches of body fat, including 10 from her waist.

Which alone will significantly reduce the probability of Strokes, Cancers, Type 2 Diabetes etc


Before joining the coaching program she had to think where she could sit, hold onto the rails up the stairs to now getting on the floor with the grandchildren with ease.

She shares its the best scrolling of the internet she ever did. ‘’

I speak to you more than I speak to my husband”.

The level of support and guidance we give our clients is paramount to the results they achieve.

‘’ You’re my best friend, the support has been amazing’’


‘’ it’s life changing’’

We worked extensively on reframing the way Lyn thought and reprogramming her mindset from the past 40 years.

If you’re inspired by Lyn and are ready to make some lifestyle changes and be guided at a pace that works for you, click the link below.


You can lie to yourself and say it’s ok, but ultimately YOU have to take the first step towards a solution and in turn a better life.

Make no mistake about it, we know the first step is always the hardest and scariest. But it is also the most important one.

And we will be there to hold your hand every step of the way.


Watch Lyn’s for interview with me below.



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