May 14

Mums You’ve Been Lied To

We coach many busy, burnt out mums on how to be healthier and make better lifestyle choices for both themselves and their children.

I don’t necessarily advocate weighing foods. However, I just thought I would demonstrate a couple of examples to drive the point home, regarding portion sizes.

Please share this on your timelines or with family and friends, especially those that might be struggling to lose body fat / weight.

Without milk 30g of corn flakes 119 cals, 3 teaspoons of sugar

100 g of corn flakes, 398 cals, nearly 9 teaspoons of sugar. I bet if you start your day like this you are starving by 11’s?


A plain croissant ( not even a chocolate one ) 365 cals of which 28g fat, 44g carbs

If your stopping off at a Costa or Starbucks for a drink as well you could easily consume north of 1,000 calories.

1 x slice peanut butter on toast, 1 slice 236 cals, 2 of these 472 cals

2 x slice peanut butter on toast with larger quantity, 1 slice 401 cals, 2 of these 802 cals

Slightly more volume, but that much more that it’s significantly noticeable.

All of these are pretty much void of nutrients & minerals, very little protein, especially the 1st 2 pure carbs and not very satiating.

Taste great for the few moments they last, but no doubt hunger will kick in pretty soon.

Fundamentally, it is vital to have some good sources of protein for both children and adults.

Especially children if they are at school because the vast majority are feed poorly with a budget of roughly 60 p per child.

We have 6 fantastic recipe books that have lots of inspiration and ideas that are nutritious, quick and easy so there is no excuse that you haven’t got time.

Links below:

High Protein


Low Carb

Plant Based

5 Ingredients

Anti Inflammatory

If you are tight for time, either eating in the morning, if you wish or taking a small window to prep something for later, get up a little earlier. Nutrition is absolutely vital for our general wellbeing and as a nation to create a greater emphasis on its importance.

I hope you found this of use.






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