May 23

Mums: Quit Today….

Mums, we know you’re thrown curveballs every single day.

Please watch the below as this will help you navigate through the overwhelm of information out there.

  1. I hear so many women panic when they’ve ”put on a pound”. Weight will fluctuate for several reasons, a pound is absolutely nothing. Stop worrying about what you weigh and look at the other non scale victories.


2. Quit today…. if you are following a diet/protocol that you can’t see yourself following 6 months from now. You’re waisting your time and effort as it’s likely to be too restrictive and unsustainable and only make losing body fat and weight more challenging in the future.


3. One of the main issues for Mums is that start with all great intensions and they stop for a period of time, restart and stop. You are far better off starting slowly with an approach that is realistic, that allows you to remain consistent. Be that from a nutrition and or movement perspective.

Don’t set yourself up to fail by trying to get in 6 training sessions in the 1st week and nothing for the next month. 2 per week is a great start.


4. Don’t worry about friends or families opinions. If you want to make these positive lifestyle choices for you and your immediate family do it and don’t focus on the negative Nancy’s.


If you’re committed to making lifestyle choices, click the link below.


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