May 18

Lyn’s 51 Inch & 42 lbs Transformation

Anyone that has or is currently on a weight loss journey will appreciate the effort Lyn’s applied to consistently make better choices. 

The difference in these images is 12 weeks 😮 

From a size 22-24 to a size 16 🔥

Lyn is someone who sadly has been dieting for 40 years with all the fads of slimming world and alike multiple times a year. Loses some weight, only to pile it back on and a bit more each time.


How has she achieved losing 51 inches of body fat? 

Firstly she booked a  CALL

to get an understanding of the failed attempts over the last 40 years. Which wasn’t her fault, but she never had anyone Coach her.

We dived deep to get a true understanding of Lyn. Her current health, what she done in the past. Why it failed etc

An in-depth consultation with Jaclyn to analyse her health, hormones and mineral levels at a cellular level. 

Created a comprehensive lifestyle audit.

Added some additional strength movement into her week. Although, she was already doing over 15,000 steps most days being a working mum and grandmother. 

To be fair, she didn’t get as many workouts 🏋️‍♀️ in as we would have both wanted. 


Shared our webinars and daily protocols to implement her new lifestyle for the rest of her life.

Daily accountability when she was having a wobble, felt overwhelmed, had doubts, such as how can I eat all this food and still lose weight, daily challenges and so on. 

As a result, she’s reclaimed her health, self esteem and confidence back.

She’s proud of what she sees in the mirror 😁

and will continue to apply these strategies we’ve taught her for the rest of her life. 

If you’re inspired by Lyn’s incredible mind and body transformation, click the

GAME PLAN CALL link below 



When she started she wasn’t happy with the way she looked and felt.

She lacked direction and was completely overwhelmed.


51 inches of body fat gone, 42 pounds lighter and counting.

Regained her confidence and self esteem

Built positive habits and behaviours that we teach to last the rest of her life.

I couldn’t be prouder as of Coach to witness what she’s achieved and will continue to accomplish.

Here’s Lyn just a few weeks into our Coaching program sharing her initial thoughts.

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