April 13

It’s Our Fault


Our children become the product of their environment. They’re always watching. Now, they can pick up bad habits from peers, but as parents it’s our responsibility to guide them best way we see fit.

I want my girls to be strong ( in every way ) independent, stand up for what they what they believe in. I don’t always get ”it right”. There’s many times over the years where I think I could have handled situations better.

If our children see us consistently laying on the sofa, eating junk food, scrolling aimlessly on socials, etc do you think they’re likely to follow suit. My thought process is YES.

If one parent in a family is obese. The  child is 50% likely to be. If both parents are, it rises to 80%.

As I always suggest, can you be the healthiest role model you can be? If so, the likelihood is you are going to have far healthier, happier and stronger children.


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