March 6

How To Stop The 3pm Slump!

Do you reach 2-3pm and crave another coffee, a fizzy drink, chocolate bar, biscuit tin and sweets to get you through the rest of the afternoon and early evening?

If so, read below to the simple things that you can do to help you ensure that’s not your first port of call.

If your eyes are drooping, you’ve yawned numerous times at a drop of hat and or you could crawl back into bed, try these suggestions below.

  1. Go for a walk, get some fresh air. Your body isn’t made to sit still for 8 hours and longer a day. By the time you come back you will be more productive and focused and would have taken the edge of the snacks you normally reach for.
  2. Make sure you are having a good balanced meal in both breakfast ( if you wish to eat it ) and lunch. Depending on what you choose will have an affect on how you feel later in the day.
  3. If time allows some gentle movement of yoga stretches or bodyweight exercises instead
  4. Ensure you are well hydrated. We can
  5. often mistake hunger for thirst.
  6. Modify your normal go to’s with something that is less likely to give you a false sugar or caffeine rush. Solid hit of protein, fruit, crunchy vegetables etc.
  7. If time allows a catnap can do wonders. I appreciate this isn’t possible for everyone, but for those who can, it will certainly help.
  8. Turn up the volume and play some energetic music, this could be the dopamine hit you need.

Let me know your thoughts on the options we’ve given above.




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