April 4

How To Reduce The Easter Binge

I’m yet to find anyone that loves chocolate more than me. If you put a 1kg, yes a 1kg of Diary Milk in front of me I could eat the whole lot.

I’ve shared some useful solution to modify the amount you and your children can consume of the next week or so.

Of course, It’s far to0 simple to say that the Type 2 diabetes and obesity epidermic is down to consuming too much chocolate.

Combined with a significant amount of the population who consumes a high percentage of ultra processed foods, overwhelm, sedentary lifestyles, social media, a lack of implementation and a poor  education and understanding goes a long way to explain our current crisis.

Some families may still have chocolates left over from Valentines and quite possibly Christmas. It feels like there is always a holiday to encourage us to over consume ultra processed foods. Marketing companies spend millions to manipulate our purchasing habits and manufacturers spend millions on the bliss point ( covered in detail in our book Mind Body Miracle released in 2017).

Nearly 5 BILLION pounds was the turnover of companies producing chocolate in the U.K alone.

Watch the video below and let me know your thoughts.


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