October 26

Does Your Fridge Look Like This?

Even if your fridge is full with food, is this what you see?


Often many of clients are confused, overwhelmed, have a lack time to cook for them and their families. Wherever, a client is on their health journey, we can help them.

Simply by creating more consciousness and encouraging them to make better choices this coming week compared to last week. Even if you are eating frozen food at every meal, we will support you on how you can make some small, but better options.

Clients share with me that they are tired, frustrated and often look for a quick fix in the freezer. Which is normally ultra processed, a lack of nutrients, low in protein and often feel hungry thereafter. Which leads them to eating even more and the negative cycle continues.

The same applies above for takeaways too. I haven’t got the time, let’s just order a takeaway. ”it can be in 30 minutes”.

Am I saying never have one. Of course, not. But often people are ordering them several times a month.

Look at the incredible stat below from 2017.

Adults in the UK eat 79 million ready-meals and 22 million takeaway meals every week.

It’s no wonder with all of the apps that can deliver food to your door and 3 minute ‘ready meals’ why the health of our nation is rapidly declining.

Just because millions of people do this on a daily basis, doesn’t mean it’s right.

If you are frustrated, overwhelmed with what to eat, how to create structure for you and your busy family lives, want to educate your loved ones, so they don’t follow the same challenges as you and are serious about making some better life choices, complete the form below and we will gladly guide you as we have done with hundreds of our clients.



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