June 22

Busy Mums – Make This Your Why

We get it, often the hardest part for busy mums is starting. I promise you once you start to prioritise  yourself for once, you will never look back. You will have a new sense of energy, confidence and far greater health.



Don’t allow stress, exhaustion or even physical appearance to hold you back.

Below are some of the common reason why busy mums ‘think’ they can’t live healthier lives.

As parents, we completely get it.

But I can’t stress enough after coaching over 350 women, the difference in self esteem and generally how they feel about themselves is phenomenal and amazing to witness their lightbulb moments.

  1. I’m so stressed – Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being. I promise you when you regularly perform any type of movement you will naturally feel much better. The endorphins realised will make you feel fantastic.

2. I have children – make them you’re why, not you’re why not. Become a health role model and inspire them to make positive lifestyle changes too. There’s many ways that this can be done.

Workout with them. Reduce time watching T.V, scrolling on the phone etc.

3. I’m on medication. Hundreds of our clients and 1,000’s of our followers have shared the difference the lifestyle changes have made in their life and they’ve been able to completely eliminate or at least reduce their medication.

4. I’m too tired. Getting sufficient quality deep sleep will be key. Find out the main reason why you are tired. Start off slowly and build up. Even if that is walking, its a great tool and will naturally make you feel better and more energised.


5. I’m too fat – We all have our own starting point on our health and wellbeing journey. No matter what size you are, you can find something that you can do with regards to movement. Walking, cycling, more steps in the house. With regards to nutrition. Don’t try to be too restrictive. Look to make small, positive changes, week by week.


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