January 23

3 Easy Ways To Get More Steps Indoors

Many Coaches will say, just put a coat on and get outside and walk. Where possible, I will always encourage clients to get outside in the fresh air and walk in nature. It has a tremendous amount of benefits in which we have covered numerous times.

For some people, yes that could certainly be the answer.

However, for some of my clients this isn’t always possible and rather than have the mentality of just get on with it.

Many of clients might be looking after ill children.

Unfortunately several of my clients are of an age, where they’re the main carers for their parents or loved ones.

Some don’t feel particularly safe walking around where they live in pitch black.

……here are a few solutions.


Home workouts, which all my clients have access to when they join our coaching programmes.

These are broken down to cover everyones health and fitness capabilities, from beginner – advanced.

As you can see Tallulah, the dog, is observing well.


Something like just dance. This is a great way to get a couple of thousand steps in within 10-15 minutes and dance like nobody is watching you.

The third solution is using a rebounder. Something that Jaclyn and I do on a daily basis, including, many of our clients. A fantastic tool for the lymphatic system, but you can easily get 3-4,000 steps during a 20 minute session.


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