April 3

Why You Have Eczema & Asthma

If you’re suffering with Eczema and or Asthma, please read Jaclyn’s thoughts below.

My Personal Experience
I was born with a tiny patch of eczema on my hand and by the time I was six months old it covered most of my extremities. The GP prescribed a harsh steroid cream which suppressed my immune system and thinned and aged my skin terribly, especially on my hands, which I am still embarrassed of today.
By the time I was 3 years old, I was diagnosed with Asthma, prescribed 3 steroid inhalers and due to reoccurring chest infections was on antibiotics for the majority of my pre-teen years which likely resulted in an auto-immune condition being diagnosed by the age of 20 due to a destroyed gut microbiome as a consequence of far too many antibiotics.
My story is quite typical, my conditions were due to genetic and environmental factors. Our family has respiratory weakness (in homeopathy we call this a genetic miasm) relatives have had TB, Asthma and my Mum went on to lose her battle with COPD after having Asthma all her life which was treated by suppressing the immune system with steroids….so not a ‘treatment’ at all really!
My Mum also smoked the majority of her adult life, including when she was pregnant with me…no judgement please, things were very different then. A likely contributing factor to my health issues and my Mum’s demise; genetics loaded her gun, she unwittingly pulled the trigger and then accepted the offerings of Pharma as she had no knowledge of alternatives then.
As I alluded to in my previous post, in Chinese medicine, both the skin and lungs are breathings organs which is why both of these conditions often go hand in hand. Western medicine also acknowledges this link with several studies exploring the synergistic relationship between these organs.
My Professional Experience
Asthma put very simply is irritated airways, but WHAT irritates them?
8 million people in the UK are diagnosed….12% of the population!
Eczema put very simply is irritated, dry, itchy skin but WHY do some suffer and others don’t? 1 in 5 children and 1 in 10 adults are affected!
When I work with a client presenting with either or both conditions, our goal is to find the underlying trigger for them personally.
Often this can be pathogenic such as:
Asthma: bacterial overgrowths such as streptococcus or staphylococcus. Opportunistic viral load such as Adenovirus, EBV, RSV and others
Eczema: Fungal overgrowths such as Candida strains, Trichophyton strains, microsporum strains. Parasitic infections, such as sarcoptes, demodex, tunga for example.
Obviously treatment will depend on the root cause but is largely centred around relevant antimicrobials (usually herbal), dietary and lifestyle changes to ensure the pathogen does not thrive. Fungus for example thrives on yeast (brewer and bakers), stress, sugar and antibiotics, therefore without diet and lifestyle intervention, even with the correct antimicrobial treatment, cases can reactivate as we are dealing with opportunistic pathogens.
It’s very hard to offer generic advice when it comes to health as it is NEVER a one size fits all. There are many things that can improve skin and lung function but these things are not treatments as such, just support mechanisms whilst the root cause is being addressed.
Without addressing the root cause you will experience repeat exacerbations.
On the Mind Body Miracle Community Page, I have shared several posts and lives on how to support these conditions naturally. Please feel free to join the page and use the search bar to see the posts. This post would be even more lengthy if I was to share all over again here.
Please always consider contraindications if you are already prescribed medications.
One piece of advice well worth knowing, that everyone can do, whether on meds or not, is the method used by the Royal Family to eradicate King Charles’ Asthma and Allergies however, this method is not recommended by healthcare providers…..probably because the worldwide annual market for Asthma drugs is worth $20billion, even though many of the drugs are only suppressing, not treating and have horrendous side effects (steroids deplete the vast majority of minerals, leading to bone loss and broken bones in high doses and increased risk of diabetes….to name just a few).
Please look into the Buteyko method of breathing and read the book Breath, The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor to significantly improve and in many cases eradicate symptoms of Asthma. Supporting the lungs will also support the skin as the lungs support the skin with adequate hydration and moisture.
We are not a department store, we are an interconnected system of systems and should be treated as such….anything less, is a game of whack-a -mole with your health 🙏🏼
Edit: Other contributing factors to these conditions; moulds, heavy metals, toxicity, diet, sluggish detox pathways and much more….one post to barely touch the surface.


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