August 9

Why I Encourage The Girls To Workout


As a society we’re failing our children.
If not, we as parents will be outliving them and as a parent that’s surely our worst
We need to be health role models and be the change.

It makes them feel amazing, builds strength both physically and mentally, builds confidence, self esteem


IMO, and only imo the way some children are currently living could be deemed as a child abuse. That statement will trigger a lot of people and I say this from love and trying to create awareness, not judgement but sometimes we have to be brutally honest to make people realise.

As a society it seems we are sicker than ever. Especially in children we are seeing more anxiety, depression, overweight, obese and even suicide in children.

IMO we are failing our children on so many levels. As a collective as Parents, Coaches, practitioners, teachers need to stand and make a change. You can’t rely on any government to make a change or manufacturers aren’t going to change their obscene amount of fat and sugar in their products because that’s what drives you wanting more and in turn you are only helping their profits.

This is why I love working with busy woman, in particular mums because they take the bull by the horns, implement the strategies we teach and share this with their children and loved ones. IMO if you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.

That’s why you would hear me often talk about creating health role models as clients. We have to lead by example and your children will see the change in you and want that for themselves.

I’m not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination. Within health it’s an ever evolving journey. We just came back from isle of Wight and after dinner every evening, whether we cooked at home or went out for dinner we went for a nice leisurely stroll. Of course would have been easy to sit and watch t.v, look at phones etc, but that was one simple habit we did everyday.

As a nation, we’ve normalised regular junk food, processed food, energy drinks, high sugar drinks, & ‘ treats / rewards’ after sporting events’. I see and hear 1st hand that children do well at something that’s treat them to x.

Many teachers / parents are unaware that have attached an emotion to a food and setting the children up for emotional attachments to food. Which is only going to hinder them long term.

These children will soon be adults and its harder to change, of course not impossible. I’m working with clients where we are having to undo decades of negative programming. How amazing would it be your children didn’t have to go through the pain you did or currently have.

You would have heard me say so many times that 1 in 3 children in primary school are overweight or obese.

The time is now to wake up. Utilise this time of 6-8 weeks off school to educate children.

Invest in yourself, your children will notice a difference in you and sub consciously follow suit.

We need to nurture and educate our children.

Let me know your thoughts on the above and watch their video below.

Why the girls workout



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