November 12

Why Costa Hate Me


Have you noticed more and more children / teenagers are frequenting the likes of Costa Coffee and Starbucks after school and on weekends?

Some parents share with me that they take the children to the drive through before school as a ‘treat’.

With the endless ingredients, fat and sugar combined, ( the bliss point that manufactures spend million of pounds getting to perfection )   do you think this will help them focus and concentrate in class?

When you look at the portion sizes, they aren’t even that big.

Especially in the Costa Coffee versions. 100g of a cake and a medium drink for example.

As in this image over 1100 calories and 23 teaspoons of sugar


As always there isn’t any judgement here. I’m trying to educate parents and children alike. Once you’ve seen the video I’m sure you’ll understand my sentiments.

Let me know your thoughts.


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