October 18

How To Stop The Constant Binge / Shame Cycle

Does this image resonate with you?

Many of our clients have been in this exact position week after week, month after month, before working with us.

‘The diet starts next Monday” mantra.

They then get to a stage where they believe they have tried everything and reach out to us as a last resort. Often before considering major operations such as tummy tucks.

As Fiona, a busy mum shares below.


Often, our busy stressed women clients notice that they aren’t happy with the way they look. Whether that is after children and or just in a constant rut. They then do some research on the latest fad diet that a friend is doing or some gimmick sold by an ‘influencer’.

But just before they go on the next super restrictive diet they binge on all their enjoyable foods, as one last treat as they won’t be able to eat anything they enjoy for a while…..

The 1st couple of days start well, they lose some weight, mostly water retention, mistaking it as body fat. The weekend arrives and they either feel like they ‘deserve a treat’ or they are so hangry because they’ve only been consuming coffee, vile shakes, liquids, soups or rabbit food that they want to binge and everything in site.

Sound familiar?

So they don’t just have a small amount of something ‘off plan’.

They really go it for. This is completely understandable because the last week on reflection has been so miserable. They’re tired, irritable, can’t focus, shouting at the kids for no reason, feel guilty for doing that, feel emotional and fed up.

They feel guilty, even ashamed ( which you should never feel ) and promise that they will go back to the super restrictive diet on Monday and tell themselves that you must try harder and to stop being so weak.

But it’s Sunday, I’ll have a ‘treat’ or two because I’m back on it tomorrow. Monday morning arrives and they jump on the scales. To their horror, although they were incredibly restrictive Monday through to Friday  they’ve put on a pound or 2. Now they’re in a foul mood.

This wasn’t how this week was supposed to start. And so this poor relationship with themselves continues and deepens even more. Overwhelm kicks in and they feel worse than they did this time last week.

If I have described you, stop and breathe for a moment.

What if I said to you, as we have mentored hundreds and now probably into the 1,000’s of women that there is a more simple way,

a method that you can enjoy, that doesn’t feel like a chore.

That guides you on how to implement better habits, but at the pace you are comfortable with.

A way that you don’t have to be in a gym everyday for 90 minutes or doing endless cardio.

Click the link below and we can delve into your current situation and guide you to creating a happier, healthier and stronger you. Whilst giving you the education to positively impact your loved ones and friends too.

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