August 7

Take these supplements

We receive several messages weekly, should I take ‘x’ supplement.

What about B12, Prebiotics, Vitamin D, a multivitamin etc.


What might be applicable for one person, certainly won’t be for the next.

Before we suggest any supplements working with clients, we take them through an in depth                   consultation. Once we have the answers,  if suitable we would then advise the best solution moving forward, including various tests if need be.

Many people just want a ‘magic pill’ to feel better, lose weight, improve skin etc.

Supplements are there to supplement what you are currently doing. Before deciding if a supplement is necessary, have you got the fundamentals in place.

Are you getting consistent, deep sleep?

How is your nutrition?

Are you always dehydrated?

Are you managing stress levels?

If you are overwhelmed, drop me a message below for a chat.


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