January 28

Slimming World: Make It Make Sense?

Firstly, let me begin by saying this isn’t a jibe at anyone who is attempting to lose body fat /weight and is following a fad diet and the likes of Slimming World. Often we do what our parents did, friends do etc. All power to you, if you’re looking to become healthier.

In my opinion, which I will briefly, explain below. I don’t feel it is an optimal way, especially where they demonise good fats.


Fats are essential for hormone production,  protects organs, supports cell growth and helps your body absorb vital nutrients.

Just because millions do it, doesn’t make it right. Think about the nation as a whole. There’s lots of common traits in people and we have one of the most overweight/obese % population in Europe.

If any sales rep / consultant can justify the examples, I’ve covered, please share it with me. How can you educate members to think that a Strongbow Cider, is only 8 syns and an Avocado is almost double at 14 syns?

How we can compare that an avocado that has a great source of vitamins and minerals compared to a a can of cider that is just sugar and alcohol, with no nutrient and or minerals?

I appreciate these kind of groups create a ‘cult’ like following and no doubt this will offend some. This post isn’t intended in that manner, but to really consider the points I’ve raised in this video.

For some people it will work in the short term. However, in my humble opinion there isn’t any nutrition education.

When I speak to many perspective clients they share with me they have done X diet 5, 10 times and ‘’it works every time I do it  James’’.

I ask them to repeat that out loud again and ask if you have to keep going on and coming off its not a way of life and sounds completely unsustainable.

Muller light image 83 cal 160g pot 1 syn x 1 x 14 pots ( the equivalent of 1 x avocado which is 14 syns )

= 1,165 calories

1 x avocado 145g 232 calories

A whole banana is a ‘free food’, but if we mash and eat it, it’s 4.5 syns. But when we eat the ‘whole’ banana surely we are mashing it with a teeth?

Pasta, rice and couscous are all ‘Free Foods’. Which according to Slimming World’s website means: You can eat as much of them as you like. Depending on the current lifestyle, habits, movement of a person embarking on the fat loss journey via Slimming World, with this lack of education supplied.  They could be following the ‘rules’ to the letter and easily gaining weight per week, let alone remain where they’re at.

I’ve always disliked the word syn, as imo, iT denotes emotions such as cheating, shameful and guilt.

Many clients came to us with a really poor relationship with food which has only been made worse by the likes of these slimming clubs.

If you’ve had enough of endless fad diets and want to learn how you can sustainably make better choices for you and your family. Or you have a friend who has given up already this year with the new year, new me, reach out to us and complete the below form.


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