January 29

Signs You’re Calories Are Too Low

Check out the signs you might be missing and not achieving your fat loss goals when calories are too low.

There are several more than what appear in the video, including decrease in strength, lack of energy and skin issues to name 3.
When you deprive the body of sufficient nutrients and minerals it can show up in a host of ways.
It can affect your sleep.
You appear more short tempered and affects your mood. No one likes being HANGRY!
Greater level of cravings. For many people they cut out so much and eat very little, that the crave the foods they ‘can’t have’.
Feeling cold in another sign. It can cause a person’s core body temperature to drop when fuel isn’t sufficient.
Binge eating occurs for many when they try to reduce their food too much.
After a few days or weeks, cave in and can sometimes eat  1,000’s of calories in a short period of time, attempting to regulate low blood sugar levels and eating the calories they’ve missed out on.
Brain fog can be a clear sign as once again not getting sufficient quality food can cause you to appear forgetful, vacant and have a lack of focus.
Let me know if you’ve experienced some or many of these signs.
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