February 3

Share The Love

All by design I’m afraid.

What do you notice if you look closely, especially in the 1st aisle?

One ‘celebration’ after another. Easter eggs were in some stores Boxing Day.

Valentines Day, Easter still 10 weeks away.

All these products are highly palatable and calorie dense.

Meaning they are easy to over consume.

That’s why the bring these products out earlier and earlier and in increasingly large sizes.

It’s no coincidence that cancer is now prevalent in 1 in 2 along with no many other chronic illnesses due to the way we live our lives. Not just through what we eat and drink, but general lifestyle, stress, medication, trauma and so much more.

Notice the NLP programming, ‘share the love’, if you don’t buy, you aren’t sharing the love, you’re not loving etc.

This is an additional aisle to ‘confectionary’ and ‘alcohol’ aisle too 🙃

Over 7.5 million people in the UK show signs of alcohol dependence.

Alcohol is a factor in more than 60 medical conditions.

As a nation, we use it to numb pain,

increase power/ confidence,

relieve stress

a celebration,

peer pressure


our culture & socialising.

We have made these 2 products, ( as in confectionary and alcohol ) socially acceptable to consume as much as want. Society encourages alcohol to act as a coping mechanism. We wouldn’t do the same with cocaine, well most of us anyway.

I’ve been working with several clients who wanted to drastically reduce their alcohol intake, if not abstain all together and one thing they all have in common…. they feel much better for it in every way you can possible think of.

If you are struggling with over consumption of alcohol and food, ensure you reach out for the help you need.


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