August 19

Nutrition 101

Taking it back to basics to help you.

Many people are unfamiliar of what they’re eating, how much and why they eating it. 🤷‍♂️

If I had my way, nutrition would be taught in schools ( properly ) to ensure that every child has a good, clear and concise understanding of the basics.

There are many facets to why we have an ever growing population of childhood obesity and in adults too, but a lack of understanding is certainly one.

Millions of us are unaware of how to fuel their body on a regular basis and the impact it can have on their health, mental wellbeing and of course physically too.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

However, I urge you to learn, as it can add years to your life.

You will be far less likely to suffer with chronic illnesses and become dependant on others as you age.

When working with our clients we educate them extensively on the power of better nutrition for them as individuals depending on the current understanding and goals.

Within our programmes, we look at each clients current way of eating and share knowledge with them how they can subtlety make better choices.

Some would argue you don’t need to count calories. But if you have no comprehension whatsoever of what you eat and your goal is to improve health and lose body fat, I would argue we need to comprehend what is coming in ( fuel your are eating ) and what is going out ( being burned ).

A simple analogy: You want a new car.

But you don’t know how much is in your bank account and you don’t know how much you’re spending each month.

You won’t know how long you will need to save and therefore if it will be take you 3 months or 3 years to buy the car.


Your basic macros are as below.

Protein – ( chicken, turkey, fish etc ) 4 calories per gram

Carbs – ( sweet potatoes, rice, quinoa etc ) 4 calories per gram

Fat – avocado, coconut oil, olive oil etc  ) 9 calories per gram


Some of these example above solely one source of macronutrient. i.e chicken = protein.

Whereas Salmon has calories coming from protein and fat.

This doesn’t mean you have to track your calories forever, but it’s a good starting point. When I teach my clients how to do it properly they are often amazed how much they’ve been consuming and why they are where they are. Once they have the understanding, this isn’t something they have to do long term.

Depending on the individual client, if there is a poor relationship with food and this method causes further anxiety we adapt accordingly.

First and foremost get the fundamentals right and the rest will follow. ✌🏻

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