December 9

My Wake Up Call

It’s not until we are in constant pain or endless frustration that we take action.

Sadly millions of people still don’t take any action even when in pain. Rather than trying to find the root cause to their health issues, they take more and more medication to silence the messages the body is sending.



Another example is someone that is constantly frustrated with their weight and tries a different diet every Monday, looking for the new miracle diet. On a side note, I’m afraid it doesn’t exist.

I had to go through immense discomfort on several occasions to finally join the dots.

I was super stressed,

had lots of pressure,

I wasn’t prioritising sleep,

grabbing food on the go,

too much coffee to keep me awake as I was working 16-18 hours a day and on it went.

When I finally took a step back, started to evaluate what I wanted from life, find something that I was immensely passionate about, my wellbeing improved vastly along with my true purpose.

We can all become guilty of ignoring the signs and just focusing on tomorrow. But tomorrow turn into weeks and years before we know it.

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