August 29

Mums: Ease Yourself In

Summer holidays are nearly over and you may have neglected your health and fitness goals more than normal with trying to ensure that everyone else had a great time.




We understand.
Between work, the kids, the house…
And the dozens of other hats a Mum wears everyday
We know it must feel like a Mum needs to put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own.
So much so that someday they just feel ready to snap…
In desperation, to trying to lose the gained unwanted body fat,
poor fitness and generally feeling low and flat, many mums go super restrictive.
Sure it might work for a week or two. But then straight back to square one:
Here’s what to do:
Set yourself realistic goals with regards to your nutrition. Don’t cut everything out and start eating super low calories. This will leave you tired, irritable.
Your energy levels will be low and you will be far less likely to even be able to get a few 1,000 steps.
Be that at home or in the gym. Don’t set yourself up to train 6 days a week, when you know it’s likely that you will only be able to manage 2.
Slow and consistent isn’t sexy and that’s why very few will recommend. But this has to be a change in lifestyle for the rest of your life, not just a few weeks.
If you are willing to make some changes to your lifestyle and habits and willing to invest time and effort, click the link below and we can schedule a call to see how this would work for you.

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