April 17

Morning After Affects?

Let me start by saying it’s none of my business if you drink or don’t drink alcohol.

I’m not here to tell you to be sober.

One thing I’m aware of, after working with hundreds of clients over the years is that many have used alcohol to anaesthetise from a situation.

Do you find that after a night out, you eat junk food  and ultra processed food. These are highly palatable foods that are calorie dense. Many of my female clients share that they after drinking, they find it difficult to get motivated to do anything and before they know it, the day’s gone, they haven’t done much exercise if any and eaten much more than normal.

Now of course, every now and then is not going to have a negative affect if your main goal is fat loss. However, if this is a weekly occurrence, this will become your downfall from a health and fat loss perspective.

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We will help you with offering some solutions moving forward to help you without you feeling deprived.


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