March 2

Lyn’s Been Dieting For 40 Years


Lyn’s Been dieting for 4o years.

She’s shares in a short space of time in our Coaching Programme that ”she has never felt so good”.

”If I could bottle it, I would sell it”.

She has always turned to the popular slimming club culture but without any long term success.

Many people reach out to us in a negative headspace thinking they can’t change their mindset at

40, 45, 50.

Lyn is 61 this year and is testament that if you’re prepared to listen, implement some changes at your pace, anything is possible. She’s already lost 19 pounds and we aren’t even started yet.

She has a job and looks after her grandchildren and is generally busy everyday so we have created windows to where we can get her to make better choices with everything she does.

Each client receive unrivalled support and accountability and a programme that they can realistically adhere to. Someone like Lyn will have a very different programme compared to a 25 year old who is single and works 9-5.

Please let this give you inspiration that anything is possible if you want to achieve it.

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