February 18

Lynn – From Widow to finding me

Lynn, a busy mum of 3 and widow, reached out for help to rediscover the old Lyn.
Her husband sadly passed away 2 years ago and had tried various therapists and tablets to help her, which didn’t work.

In the past, she had tried all the usual fad diets and personal trainers but without any long term success.
Support, accountability and education were key to Lyn’s shift in mindset.
As a Teacher, constantly on the go, we simplified her nutrition to foods that were nutrient dense,
easy to eat and this reduced her snacking.
She feels that she wasn’t restricted or on a diet which is key to being able to implement this as her new lifestyle for the rest of her life.
As a result she has lost weight and inches.
Educated on how to sleep better.
Fuel her body better .
Has created better self care.
Her skin is better.
Far greater levels of energy.
She’s been able to see things that she hasn’t seen for 2 years.
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p.s her’s lyn full story

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