July 9

I’ve only lost 10 Pounds James

I spoke last week about ladies, please stop doing this. See below.

Between the 15 mums in the below video as a mean average they only lost 10 pounds. I’m playing devil’s advocate here by saying only on purpose.

If you analyse the difference between before and after it looks significantly different. Now for me as a Coach it isn’t about a number. But how the client feels in themselves, their confidence.

Their ability to try new things that they never dreamed of.

Increase in knowledge, mobility, strength, energy. I could go on.



I hear and see daily how this has such a negative affect on mums. Especially if you have children seeing you do this everyday or hear you talk about being on a ‘diet’.

This is was one the last measurements you should consider. 

How you feel 

Difference in clothes 



Strength measurements


and then maybe scales 

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