September 25

I just couldn’t control it….

I hear this time and time again from perspective clients.

I only went over by a little bit and got so frustrated with myself that I thought what the hell, or words to that affect 😂 and really went hell for leather.


Sneaking off to the cupboards for some chocolate,
family size crisps, cheese every night?
Ladies, Binge eating can be a rollercoaster of emotions.
One minute you’re progressing towards the fitness goals…
The next it all comes crashing down and the cravings overpower any willpower.
Back to square one. Bloated, shame and guilt kicks in which puts you in an even worse mood and then you think I’ve blown it and continue to self destruct for days, weeks or months.

Sound familiar?

Going over by 200 calories isn’t going to be detrimental to your fat loss goals.

Neither will 2000, especially when you look at it over a week as opposed to a day.

However, if this a regular occurrence for you this would be one reason why you aren’t achieving the results you want to.

This will affect you physically, but more so mentally. The constant negative internal chat becomes self destructive.

When coaching my clients we have constant open communication and if this does happen we give them the strategies to go again the following day without any guilt or shame.

But ask the reasons and understand the emotional triggers to why it happened.

If it is the odd occasion it might be that they were so busy throughout the day that they didn’t prioritise their nutrition

kids playing up,

in a longer meeting than planned etc

And we’re so hungry we just picked up whatever was near and convenient and over consumed.

However, if binge eating is a common theme then we need to delve deeper to where the root cause stems from and why the self sabotage continues.

For some of my clients they’ve had a poor relationship for decades.

This isn’t going to be resolved overnight.

Between the client and myself we will take a significant time to discuss the emotions and patterns and continue the candid relationship to find the cues to when and why this happens and put some realistic mechanisms in place to continue to work on this.

If this resonates with you and you are frustrated with the same patterns, click the link below and we can have a chat.


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