November 13

I Just Needed a Massive Nudge in the Right Direction

I’m a mum of two little ones and had been trying to shed the baby weight for a few months on my own. In the early months and as a breastfeeding mum I was exhausted and functioning on 3-4 hours sleep a night for the last two years so when I was awake I ate whatever I could find and always treated myself to lots of coffee and even more cake as a reward for keeping the babies in one piece …but soon noticed the pounds adding on.

I contacted numerous Personal Trainers in the area but the one thing that stuck out for me when I contacted James at MBD was that he responded quickly, had an infectious positivity around his approach to health and fitness and the reviews really spoke for themselves! So I signed up!

I decided to put me first for two hours a week and didn’t feel too guilty about it. I thought I might shed a few pounds but I lost 14 of them in fact, reduced my body fat percentage and seen my body slowly take shape again.

The most appealing thing about the 12 week programme is that it had an end date with goals in sight. It wasn’t another fad that I blindly followed without an achievable target! I have to be the first to admit it but I didn’t eat well all of the time but I had the tools from James to make the right choices now going forward and I approach things differently. I have my mojo back again for exercising and don’t see it as a chore but as a time out to spend on me and know I’ll feel fab at the end of it (and probably very sore !)

I’ll be doing it all over again in September and have different goals I want to achieve and looking forward to it!

Alongside the nutritional advice and 2 sessions per week, I have access to a fountain of information that James and Jaclyn have posted on the MBD Facebook page, it’s great to hear 2 very passionate people talk about something that might influence you and your family.

I just needed a massive nudge in the right direction and to be accountable to someone else to turn up to training sessions but it’s the little things that have made all the difference! If that sounds like you then I’d get in contact with James!”


Lianne Wilson

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