October 10

How To Stop Overeating / Binge Eating

There are so many factors to why people overeat that can turn into regular binge eating episodes.
I could spend hours writing about this health concern.
I covered this briefly in the 2 short videos below.

There could a host of reasons why this has started. It could often stem from childhood and or an attachment to an emotion which leads to overeating.
It can be overwhelming if your thoughts remain in your head. Get a piece of paper and jot down some thoughts to where this might stem from and if you can see a common pattern.
We talk often about changing your environment before eating again. It might help if you can go for a 15 minute walk in nature, to take you away from the house / work.
Setting too big and or unrealistic goals is a common issue I see rising time and time again.
i.e drop 2 dresses in 3 weeks. This leads to all or nothing approach, often over restricting. Not enough fuel to stay in bed, let alone workout or even perform day to day tasks.

Which comes onto my next point. It is so easy to over consume snacks. They are often hand held and highly palatable. 5 minutes later you’ve finished a couple of packs of crisps, or half a pack of hob nobs.
By sitting down and eating a more whole food meal will keep you feeling fuller for longer, more much nutrients and minerals and far less likely to snack.
This one is a game changer for many of my clients.
It’s important that if a meal or a day doesn’t go to plan to never feel ashamed or guilty. Recognise it and move on tomorrow. When I’m coaching clients we have a candid relationship where they share why and when this happened and we put a plan of action for them specifically to how we can reduce this.
Breathing techniques / meditation can be a really useful tool and once again our breath Coach gives some really useful tools for this as a coping strategy.
If you are looking to make some lifestyle changes and some guidance with how you can implement these, click the link below.

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