December 3

How our clients regain optimal health


Is your Doctor 👨‍⚕️ 👩‍⚕️ asking you about these factors before giving you more medications💊

Which as always, is masking the symptoms, not finding the true root cause.

Clients often come to us as their last hope.

They’ve seen Doctors, ‘specialists’, been on long term medications, but haven’t been able to find the root cause to the way they feel

lack of energy


Illness(es) etc

Jaclyn isn’t one for “protocols”

As a naturopath she prefers to treat the person not just the symptoms. The symptoms two people present with could be identical but the treatment protocol would be different once we take into consideration root cause, lifestyle, medical history and prescribed meds.

Therefore, generic one size fits all protocols rarely work and in my opinion are far too similar to the allopathic ‘this for that’ approach.

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