April 16

How Busy Mums Can Lose Weight

I’ve put together a 3 part series of videos to help busy Mums on how to make some small changes that will have a profound affect on their health and fat loss goals.


  1. Eating the children’s leftovers as we walking to the bin. As parents we can all be guilty of this. You don’t even want it. Just throw it in the bin.
  2. It’s been years, if not decades of prioritising everyone else in the house. Even the housework is higher on the list than your own wellbeing. How made is that when you logically think about it.
  3. As a parent, time is precious. We have lists/ timetables for kids after school clubs, sports, activities, friends over etc. You need to create a timetable and structure for you with regards to your nutrition and movement.
  4. When you create a plan and structure around your nutrition, you will far less likely to be caught out having to grab the quick, ultra processed foods on the go.
  5. Drop the guilt for making yourself a priority. You need your time and you will be a better parent and health role model for it.



Part 2  –



  1. It’s imperative that you have a clear plan for your nutrition. Stop grabbing a slice of toast for ‘ease’ and when the kids are in bed, not cooking and loading up on whatever is to hand from the cupboards
  2. A simple but highly effective one. Make sure you’re constantly hydrated.
  3. Be mindful with your choices and prioritise sitting down without distractions to consume your meals.
  4. Allow sufficient time for you to eat your meals slowly
  5. Stop with the super restrictive diets, that haven’t and will never serve long term health and fat loss goals and leaving you feeling flat and deflated.


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Part 3:


  1. Don’t use the children as an excuse, but you’re why. Become the best Health Role Model for them that you can and inspire them.
  2. As a Mum you will be thrown numerous curve balls to derail you everyday. Do something positive, rather than nothing and blaming life in general to why you can’t make the changes necessary.
  3. If you’re fortunate enough to have support around you, lean on that and make the most of it.
  4. If we were to remove the phones of any person, they would be far more productive. When it comes to your time to workout or some me time, don’t have your phone with notifications pinging off every 2 minutes.
  5. Most Mums do the shopping, you’re in control of what comes in the house for you and your children. Be mindful and create a shopping list of the only produce you want to buy.
  6. Focus on a sleep schedule for both you and the children. This is absolutely imperative your health and fat loss goals.





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