July 22

Are You A Bed Rotter?

Up until last week I hadn’t heard of this term.

Bed Rotting is spending all day in bed, spent either scrolling through social media, playing games on your phone or computer, or bingeing your favourite show.

As long as you stay put in bed for an entire day (with the exception of food and bathroom breaks), you’re doing what’s considered bed rotting.

I’all for down time and self care. This is  something I insist my clients prioritise for their mental wellbeing. Taking a bath, reading a book, an early night, meditation, walking in nature and so on.

I would argue that spending all day in a dark room, eating junk food, watching or scrolling for hours on end is only going to heighten anxiety.

If people are genuinely depressed they need to get the relevant guidance and support.

If you need further guidance, click the link below.


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