September 25

A week in the life of a busy mum

Often clients and perspective clients share with me they don’t have time to prioritise their wellbeing. As Health Coaches we always say if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.

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A Week in the life

Below is Jaclyn’s schedule last week. I’m not saying (although I am biased ) she’s wonder woman or anything, but she is an exceptionally busy mum.

Running a business, school runs, pick ups, after school clubs, wife, looking after the home, being mindful of nutrition, making exercise a priority and so on.

Another busy week in clinic. No two weeks are the same and no two clients are the same.
This week I have had:
✅4 clients via video consultation
✅4 in person initial bio resonance scans
✅3 hair tissue mineral analysis results via ☎️
✅2 progress assessment calls….

plus goodness knows how many protocols e mailed to clients.
Health concerns brought to me this week have included:

💊 menopause struggles
💊 thyroid and adrenal dysfunction
💊 depression and anxiety
💊 miscarriage and fertility
💊 bacterial overgrowth in gut
💊 suspected mould toxicity
💊 hormonal imbalances / liver toxicity

Had an exciting e mail exchange about publishing my next book and started writing course content for a nutrition course I will be teaching in the new year 😁😁😁

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