May 16

9Ways To Lose Body Fat – Part 2

9 Ways To Lose Body Fat – Part 2

  1. If you’re a busy mum, eating out through work, entertaining etc either have something beforehand so you don’t go to the restaurant starving and or, pick your choice beforehand so you are less tempted when you get to the restaurant.

2. I’ve said it time and time agin, take sufficient time to eat your meals and without any distractions.


3. Minimise your alcohol consumption. Often when you have a heavy night it normally takes a couple             of days to recover and  you end up making poor nutrition choices and be far more sedentary than                normal.

4. Don’t look to ”fit” junk food into your diet as a regular ”treat”.

5. Millions of people get overwhelmed but not having a clear structure when it comes to their nutrition. Especially when you’re at the beginning of your journey you want to be able to make clear and concise choices without over thinking.

6. Learning how to read labels, a clear concept of what protein, carbs, fats are, sugar content etc is key

7. Put your knife and folk down with each bite, just to delay the process of not eating too fast. This will aid in feeling fuller and aid with digestion.

8. Meals don’t need to be bland and boring. Add herbs and spices as opposed to sauces full of ingredients and empty calories.

9. Remember if you have make a poorer choice or have a binge eating episode. Recognise, draw a line in the sand and go immediately into the next day/meal without any guilt or shame.


As a refresher, here’s the link to part 1…-body-fat-part-1/ ‎


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