April 30

9 ways To Lose Body Fat – Part 1

9 Ways To Lose Body Fat:


  1. If you’re a busy mum, running after the kids and or working as well, it can be even more challenging to lose body fat, but far from impossible. If you’re out of the house for several hours a day, remember you control what you put in your mouth.


2. Focus on single ingredient foods as much as possible. They will have far greater nutrients and                       minerals and help keeping you feeling fuller for longer.


3. Ensure you are fully hydrated before snacking.


4. Ensure you are chewing your food sufficiently. Chewing at least 15-25 times before swallowing.

Read and watch the video below from our MINDLESS EATING BLOG


5. Ensure you have a good protein source at every meal. It will help you remain fuller for longer.


6. I hate the phrase ‘cheat meals’ for many reasons. If you have a lot of fat to lose you don’t need to eat       junk food and takeaways on several occasions.


7. Stress plays havoc with our health and wellbeing. Become consciously aware of your go to or                    comfort foods.


8. Add as much variety of vegetables as you can. Great source of fibre and aids in keeping you fuller            for longer.


9. Track everything that passes your lips. You don’t have to live like this forever, but it’s a great way            to get an understanding of what you are consuming. The vast majority significantly under report                their consumption throughout the day.


Part 2 to follow.



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