September 1

8 Reasons Why You Can’t lose Weight

Here’s 8 reasons why you might be struggling to consistently lose weight / body fat and  keep it off.

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8 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

The main reason for food is the ability it is gives us to fuel our day ahead,

and complete the tasks we need to carry out.

Of course, it can and should be used in for social reasons and connections with loved ones and friends.

However, many of us anchor certain emotions which then drives us to eat.

Such as, we eat when we are feeling down and eat our ‘comforting foods’.

We eat as a reward, when we have accomplished something.

The one that infuriates me as a Coach is when Parents or Schools recommend a McDonald’s or alike after winning a sporting event. It’s naturally encourages the child to think that when I do well, I’m ‘rewarded’ with this type of food.

As we all know regularly consuming this type of ultra processed food is not going to serve long term wellbeing.

Other reasons include when mourning, when celebrating and out of sheer boredom.

One key aspect is to become as mindful as possible when eating.

We covered this extensively in another blog which I’ll link below.



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