September 30

6 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Fat

I’ve detailed below the 6 biggest fat loss mistakes that many of my clients made before working with me.

Let me know which one is most like you, it might be all 6.

That’s fine, take note and reach out for help so we can guide you on how to make some adjustments.


Watch the video below for more details



1:Regularly eating unhealthy foods / takeaways: A study in 2017 found 50.7% of the UK Shopping basket was ultra-processed foods. These are highly palatable foods and normally highly calorific too.

2: A common myth is that the only way to lose weight is cardio. Many people hate cardio and find it boring.

It’s not all bad. It is good for cardio vascular health. However, we need to be much more mindful of our nutrition and what we are putting in our mouths everyday.

Weight training / resistance training has a plethora of health benefits that will out-way just a cardio approach.


3: Not tracking nutrition & exercise. In order to pay the bills you have to analyse the payments that come out of your bank. If you don’t you can soon end up in debt.

The same principles applies with your nutrition and exercise. If you aren’t tracking what you’re eating and how little or much movement you are doing, how are you going to consistently progress?

This isn’t something that has to be done forever, but it’s a great starting point to begin your journey / new goals you want to achieve.


4: Insufficient protein. In my experience of working with several hundreds of clients I would suggest that more than 95% of my clients were not eating enough good quality protein. Dependant upon goals and their current understanding we guide and educate them to what they need to do with regards to implementing a sustainable approach to their nutrition.


5: Starving yourself. This might appear strange to say that. However, in my experience, I hear often that people think to reach their fat loss goals they have to eat ‘rabbit food’ very low calories. This might be achievable for a day, a week or even a few weeks. But there will come a time when all you will want to do is binge eat everything in sight.

It’s often counter productive. You starve all day, ( with food constantly on your mind ) eating very little fuel and then cave in and you can’t eat the food quick enough. Often the highly processed foods as they are quick and easy and to hand. Then the guilt/shame kicks in and you think what’s the point. I can’t do this.


6: Lastly, setting unrealistic expectations. We often over estimate what can be achieved in 2 weeks and under estimate what we can be achieved in a year and beyond. Slow and steady wins the race/ With this approach you are much more likely to see this as a way of life, as opposed to trying to find the next quick fix.

Let me know what point(s) resonate with you most and where you need some expert knowledge.


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