January 6

5 Easy Ways To Supercharge Your Health

Here’s 5 ways to supercharge your health.

  1. Taking ownership is absolute key. We spend lots of time mentoring, guiding and adapting our clients mindsets. However, the clients who succeed the most/best are the ones that reach out for help, but take ownership for their own decisions.


2. Prioritising your nutrition is pivotal.  Many clients can’t believe the difference in their wellbeing,                 focus, energy and much more when they start to consistently fuel themselves better.


3. Daily movement. I’m not talking about starting with running a 10km if you struggle to                                  complete 2,000 steps a day. It can be as little as a 20 minute walk several times a week.


4. Reading / listening to podcasts. There are tremendous benefits to both modalities. As someone                    who is dyslexic, I personally find it easier to listen to the podcasts and audio books, but still try to              fit in reading at least 10 pages a day as well as listening to my audios. An important element to                    remember is that it is all well and good reading/listening, but its about applying those lessons                      learnt.


5. Consistency is paramount. Many people, especially at this time of year set unrealistic goals.  Don’t              be tempted to make this common mistake. Willpower will come and go. It’s about creating                            discipline, doing things when we do fancy it, but know the outcome, once completed will make us              feel better. Once we apply that consistency, this will become 2nd nature to us.


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