March 9

5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Protein

After working with hundreds of clients, 1 common issue for virtually everyone is their protein level is too low.

Here’s some tips to add additional protein to your diet.

👉🏻 1) When eating protein, increase your amount. E.g So if you’re currently eating 100g breast of chicken, make it 150g.

👉🏻 2) Think protein first, when it comes to planning. Get a good source of protein and plan the rest of the meal around that.

👉🏻 3) Be mindful not to eat all the carbs/fat 1st and leave the protein on your plate untouched.

👉🏻 4) introduce leaner cuts of meat. On some occasions use less fatter meats. I.e replace chicken breast instead of thighs. Lower fat beef mince etc

👉🏻 5) I much rather my clients get their protein through whole foods. However, if you are constantly on the go, protein powders can be a convenient way to maintain a higher level of protein. Ensure they are a supplement, as opposed to a meal replacement.



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