April 1

14 Easter Eggs Per Child

As a huge chocolate lover this is probably the most tempting time to devour as much chocolate as possible. When we share the content we do, we aren’t necessarily discussing it from a ”fat loss” perspective, but health. Yes you could eat Mcdonalds and chocolate every day and most people could lose weight, but would stink, be devoid of nutrients and minerals and awful skin and hair.


Is one or two eggs going to derail your long term fat loss results? No. I’m sharing this information so you can make an informed decision about how much you want to consume and more importantly how much you will let your children/grandchildren have.





To watch the full video click the link below.


I’m going to be sharing over the next few days some solutions and an astonishing statistic that I researched about children and Type 2 Diabetes. Look out for those videos.




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