November 23

The Truth To Why You Can’t Stop Eating

In the short video below we cover a host of reasons why so many people struggle with eating disorders or disordered eating.

Often, it can stem from childhood and what was said to us at school, by friends and inadvertently by our parents.

The way we speak to ourselves and our children plays a significant role in the way that we think.

Here’s just a few reasons why so many of us struggle with eating disorders.

  1. No structure. I’m not talking about ‘prepping a week in advance’, but what you are eating tomorrow.

2. A lack of accountability. If nobody is checking in with you, guiding you, helping and educating you         along the way, it makes it more challenging.

3. A lack of self worth. Very much, what’s the point attitude. I am the way I am. It might be that a               parent or partner knocked your confidence and you believe that you are what that person told you,              you were.

4.Boredom. Especially over recent years. Many people were home, isolated for several days, months,         etc and weren’t necessarily hungry, but just ate out of boredom.

5. No direction and in turn, no clear goals paved out. Very much of the mindset, it is, what it is. If we          don’t have some tangible goals to achieve or even get closer to from where we ate there is nothing              measurable to determine success.

6. Mindset and beliefs from childhood. You must finish your plate, if you want dessert mantra.

7. Food was restricted growing up and now you can afford to eat what you like, you do exactly that.


Let us know which ones resonate with you most.

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