January 3

10 Day Mind and Body Detox Plan

How would you like to:

Decrease Body fat

Deeper sleep

Better Skin 

Far greater knowledge 

Hormones better balanced 

Decrease in Inflammation

More focused and greater clarity


Improved Immune system

If so, watch the short video below and click the link below this video.

10 Day Plan


You’ll learn 

Detoxify through food 

Body and skin detoxification 

Mind and body Spirit cleanse 

Smoothies and juicing 

Supplementation guide 

and how to maintain this. 

Most women start a plan, go to the gym and have absolutely no guidance and often give up in the 1st few days. 

Daily accountability from all the members and myself throughout the whole 10 days will keep your focused on what you want to achieve and give you the kickstart and momentum you want.  

And so much more. 

Click the link below to join us.

10 Day Plan

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