Bio Resonance Therapy


Bio-Resonance is a non-invasive, pain-free way to identify the frequency in our body in order to assess the state of our health. Like a piano, overtime our bodies can go “out of tune” due to the negative effects of environmental factors such as pollution, poor diet, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle, By introducing resonant frequency we are able to “re-tune” our bodies to a more balanced frequency.

We can demonstrate resonant frequency with two tuning forks, striking one tuning fork will cause the other to resonate at the same frequency. If we stop the first tuning fork vibrating, the second will continue to make sound at its specific frequency. In the same way we can use sound waves to “re-tune” the body using bio resonance therapy.


Medical treatments can often be generic with prescribed medication causing a range of side-effects.

Using bio-resonance it is possible to specifically treat the individual organs or systems in order to improve the health and wellbeing without prescription medication. Each organ and system is scanned and colour coded to highlight areas of poor functionality, showing details of the presence of pathogens or contaminants within the body, including heavy metal toxicity, toxic stress caused by

dietary choices and even psychological stresses and electromagnetic sensitivity.


Quantum physics has evidenced that all living organism semit subtle electro-magnetic waves in particular frequency patterns. Scientists have complied vast databases of frequencies for different pathogens and by repeating these frequencies we can shatter the bacteria or viruses in the same way sound waves can be used to shatter a glass.Similar to noise cancelling headphones, that read the frequency of the surrounding

noise and create an inverted frequency to cancel out the sound, so BRT can be used to neutralise unhealthy or unwanted frequency patterns,

allowing the body to heal itself.


Using the latest technology in energy medicine diagnostics we can go beyond generic advice around nutrition and wellbeing, to provide specific analysis of allergens, food, sensitivities as well as any contaminants and toxins that are polluting the body. Our bespoke health plan is based on your individual results and tailored to meet your specific requirements.




Personal Training


James’ ethos is very much based on education and empowering every person he trains in the implementation of new positive habits and behaviours creating a ripple effect, positively impacting close family members too.


James works with the individual, to train them in the most suitable way, taking into consideration their health and fitness capabilities of a variety of training methods. These include bodyweight, strength and conditioning,resistance and functional training.


He takes a truly holistically approach with all of his methods., using a coaching style which motivates his clients to reach new goals that they never thought were possible.


James coaches clients both on line and in person through a variety of options including 1-2-1 Coaching, semi private training, group on line programmes and our Mindset Academy. He covers in depth for the individual from training, nutrition, mindset,

holistic health and life coaching.



Why Us



Connecting the dots


You might be smashing your targets in the gym but research indicates that what you eat may be the difference between meeting your goals and falling short. We connect the dots that are so often missing between personal training / online coaching and personalised nutrition.


Get the right mindset


Training your mind to think right is one of the most powerful things a person can do.  By working with our qualified hypnotherapist you can gain the best possible mind-set to achieve and sustain your goals.


Programs that actually work


Because our programmess are based around nutrition, mindset and fitness training, if you follow our instruction you WILL hit your goals. This coupled with the ability to help you train your mind is a guaranteed winning recipe.



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